The US government allocates additional money to enhance work in mines

The mining of gold and other precious metals is associated with many risks for mine workers.

To slightly improve the situation, the US government allocated 10.5 million dollars to improve work in the mine, medical care, and training of workers in this industry.

Such actions are aimed at increasing the level of safety in the mines and reducing the negative impact on the human body. So, people feel that employers care about them and are more willing to take on such a difficult job.

In addition, unlike developing countries such as Peru or South Africa, where most of the work is done manually by people, a mining company tries to automate many processes as much as possible in the US. It increases not only the efficiency of work but also reduces potential risks for humans. Thus, thanks to modern technologies, the mining industry continues to develop and improve.

Thus, the more the state invests in developing this industry, the more investors also want to support this initiative. Practice shows that more and more people want to work in this industry every year because of the high salaries and want to invest a lot of money in it. Of course, investing in the mining gold and other minerals is fraught with risks, but they are much less than in the situation with cryptocurrencies, for example.