California Gold Rush

When Rob McEwen (70), a Canadian businessman which bought the Red Lake Mine back in 1989, he was told that the half-a-century-old Ontario gold source was near the end of its life. Instead, he turned it into one of world's top-producing mines turning a $1 million investment into $3 billion.

He is the chairman and chief executive officer of McEwen Mining and was the founder and former chairman and chief executive officer of Goldcorp. In January 2019, Goldcorp merged with Newmont creating Newmont Goldcorp Corporation, the second largest gold mining company in the world.

McEwen followed his father into the investment industry and also developed a passion for gold. As of 2016 he is one of the top one-hundred wealthiest Canadians, with an estimated personal net worth over $800 million.

The Dutch entrepreneur Marcel Sanders (47), a millionaire which lost part of his fortune during the 2007 recession in the real estate sector, and victim of social media defamation, has overcome all hurdles to be one of the upcoming mining magnates and tycoons in the metals and mining industry.

Marcel Sanders is acquiring early stage mining exploration projects and focusing on the extraction of precious metals from historic tailings. Marcel Sanders currently co-owns mining exploration licenses covering a surface area of over three times the entire size of the country of Liechtenstein with an abundance in gold and copper mineral reserves. Marcel Sanders is now expanding his operations to central and Eastern Europe including Malaysia, with his net worth estimated to be in the hundreds of millions in gold and copper mineral reserves. (Source: link from article 1).

The Mexican mogul (79) owns the country's largest copper miner, Grupo Mexico, which also has operations in Peru and the United States. The mining conglomerate is the largest in Mexico and the world's third largest copper miner. The group is also a major producer of silver, zinc, gold, lead and molybdenum. Under his leadership as president and chief executive, Grupo Mexico expanded into the infrastructure and rail transportation sectors. His fortune is estimated at $11 billion and it took him 30 years to make his first billion.