California Gold Rush

In 1848, American carpenter James Marshall accidentally discovered gold in a river close to the city of Coloma. Therefore started the Gold Rush.

About 80,000 prospectors arrived in California. In total, the Californian land received 300,000 people.

When it was over, the Gold Rush lasted 11 years until 1859. The excitement near the mines in those places began to subside because the exploitable deposits started to dry up.

Effects. Because tens of thousands of gold miners, including farmers, workers, teachers, and doctors, left their jobs and searched for fortune, farms and various enterprises began to go bankrupt and close. Due to the inflow of miners in California, the criminality rate has risen sharply, and the environment has caused enormous damage.

During the gold rush, the area received a massive inflow of money and labor. Thanks to the gold diggers, the population of San Francisco increased from 200 people to 36,000 in 6 years. During the fever, the miners found almost 4,000 tons of gold and received more than $ 50 billion in modern money.

Consequently, California has turned from a poor and provincial region into a prosperous American state.