California Gold Rush

Why is gold so valuable?

What are the reasons for large production volumes and high prices on international exchanges for gold? Physical and chemical properties of this metal:

  • it does not fade and does not change shape, does not rust;
  • reflects the sun's rays, does not transmit radiation;
  • soft metal, which can even be crushed by hand, if there are no impurities in the composition;
  • high rates of ductility and malleability, 2610 m of wire can be drawn from 1 g, or a plate with an area of ​​1 m2 can be made;
  • has a high density - 1 m3 of metal weighs 19,300 kg;
  • a rare metal in nature;
  • beautiful.

Innovative ways to mine gold

Canada has put into operation a new station for the extraction of precious metals under water. It is a vessel with a length of 227 m and can accommodate up to 180 people on board, in addition to the mining equipment. The deepwater mine is called Solwara 1 and is located in the Bismarck Sea. The ship is owned by Nautilus and built by a Chinese company.

Industrial waste of gold-bearing rocks

As a result of industrial processing of valuable ore, a lot of rock waste is obtained, which can contain from 0.1 to 0.4 g of gold per 1 m3. This breed is called ephel dumps. These are significant losses since processing such waste is no longer economically profitable. Thus, up to 40% of the precious metal is lost. According to expert estimates, up to a hundred million tons of ephel dumps have already accumulated in the North-Eastern region. Only high-tech complexes capable of processing rock with low gold content can solve this problem.